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Health Guard Hungary®

"Second to None"
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Prices and Fees


Our fees may be paid in cash at the time of services or by making a wire transfer to our bank accounts.

Mobile Bank Card payment through our POS Terminals may be done on site upon request in advance.

On-line payments on our website with Credit and Debit Cards are processed by Barion or CIB Bank.

Transfer with PayPal (and certain Bank Cards through PayPal) is also available. 


Privacy Notice


A hand-written Medical Report in English and invoice is offered to each patient who pays on site at the time of the services or paid in advance.


A typed electronic Medical Report and Itemized Invoice in English is the alternative option provided upon request.

The basic processing time is within 5 working days and the documents will be sent via email in printable pdf attachments, digitally signed and securely locked. Additional charges may apply for urgent document processing requests.


We may accept Medical and Travel Insurance with Third Party Payers' guarantee.

If you are not certain that your insurance policy is accepted by us, then please ask and we will contact your insurance company to establish a direct payment.

Prices and Fees are determined in EUR, but can be paid in HUF, USD, or GBP as well at the daily exchange rate.

For cash payments we use XE Currency Exchange mid-market rates. 

For mobile card payments our machines charge in HUF. We define the amount of HUF to be paid by using our bank, CIB bank's EUR Corporate Currency Selling Exchange rates - CIB bank valuta eladási árfolyam ("CIB eladás" column).


Discounted Prices and Fees are available through Cooperating Partners, contracted Insurance and Assistance companies.


Prices and fees may vary according to available private insurance.

Health Guard Hungary® makes all possible efforts to have our doctor ready to see patients in a timely fashion.

Therefore, we reserve the right to charge a "no show" or "cancellation" fee for any requested but not used services. 


If an arranged Specialist service request is cancelled more than 24 hours before the set time of the patient-doctor encounter, then only the File Fee will be charged to the Requesting Party. If such a service request is cancelled less than 24 hours before the set time of the patient-doctor encounter, then our full service fee will be charged to the Requesting Party.


If a House Call request is cancelled more than 90 minutes before the set time of the patient-doctor encounter, then only the File Fee will be charged to the Requesting Party. If such a service request is cancelled less than 90 minutes before the set time of the patient-doctor encounter, then our full service fee will be charged to the Requesting Party.


If we cannot find the patient at the location specified in the house call (home or hotel visit) service request, or the patient does not show up in the given office location at the given time, then our full prices will apply.


For early cancellations, depending on the circumstances, the level and urgency of the services arranged, these fees may range from 30 to 80 EUR.

Our general waiting time for scheduled office visits, appointments is 30 minutes and for house calls is within 60-90 minutes. The patient must be available for the house call from the time of the request, as our doctors may come anytime over the next 90 minutes (e.g. it may be only 5-10 minutes if our doctor happened to be close to the given location).


Surcharges apply for requested urgent visits within 30 minutes.


If you request and we accommodate an exact time appointment as per your wish, with much less flexibility of waiting time on your part, then extra surcharges may apply. We offer that our doctor will be available for that "exact time appointment" within a +/- 10 minutes time frame.


We reserve the right to increase our usual and customary prices by 30 - 100 EUR for delinquent payers (second or third party) without any further notice. We consider a payer delinquent if they have an unsettled balance for more than 60 days after the receipt of our invoice. Certain extenuating circumstances may be given consideration if properly requested in writing. We also reserve the right to add the unpaid balance to the next service orders’ charges in part or in full.



The Prices below are applied for pre-payment or payment on site at the time of services provided

Regular Prices and Fees

for Primary Care Services


 Description of ServiceRegular Fees
Office  Visit - Health Maintenance80 EUR

Office Visit – Initial Workup,

Scheduled in 3-10 working days

80 - 120*


Office Visit – Follow up,

Scheduled in 3-10 working days

50 - 80*


Mobile Medical Services or Office Visits - Scheduled by us for the next working day, and request was made before 11:00 CET

 100 EUR

Mobile Medical Services or Office Visits - We give the schedule and the patient must accept the appointment time given for the same working day, without rescheduling or changes.

All requests must be made before 11:00 CET

 120 EUR

Mobile Medical Services or Office Visits - Urgent; At most times within 60-90 minutes

140** EUR

Prescription of medications, based on existing and applicable medical records or valid prescriptions from another doctor.
Without these supporting documents a medical examination is compulsory and our full visit fees will apply.
 80 EUR**
Small Procedures, Diagnostic Tests

(e.g. injections, drainage, rapid urine test, Rapid Strep. test, ETOH test, bandages)

+30 EUR 
High Tech Procedures (Application of Dermabond®, Surgicel®, Trigger Point Injections)+ 60 EUR


All medical services above are provided by properly trained Physicians (Certified Medical Doctors).


 * Prices vary with the complexity of the case.


Surcharges apply for each of the following:

 **+30 EUR Evening, Weekend, Holiday, Countryside** +60 EUR Night, Urgent Services within 30 minutes 

 ** +60 EUR if exact time appointment is requested. For such visits +/- 15 minutes timing applies.

 ** +60 EUR from Christmas Holiday Season (24 December; 16:00 CET) until the first working day of the coming New Year

 **+60 EUR for prescription and/or administration of Controlled Substances - narcotics, sedatives, hypnotics 

 **+30 EUR if we have to search for the patient's location due to the inadequate or inappropriate information given to us

 **+30 EUR / each 15 minute periods started for waiting, if the patient is not available for the visit at the arranged time 

 **+30 EUR / each 15 minute periods started for visits taking longer than 60 minutes (for extensive length).

**+30 EUR when roadblocks or traffic restrictions are in effect on the way to the requested service site.

**+60 EUR if a doctor with specified gender is requested (only male or female physician).

Regular Prices and Fees
for Specialist Services
 Description of ServiceRegular Fees

Office Visit - Screening

40 - 80*** EUR
Office Visit – Initial Workup100 - 260*** EUR 

Urgent Appointments / Visits

Mobile Medical Services by


e.g. Pediatrics, Ortho-Trauma

200 - 350 EUR
Office Visit – Follow up  50 - 130*** EUR
Office Based ProceduresIndividual Quote
 Institution Based Procedures

 Individual Quote


 ***Prices vary with specialty and complexity of the case.


Surcharges apply to Evenings, Nights, Weekends, Official Holidays, Countryside and Urgent Visits.


  Regular working days: Monday to Friday

  Daytime operating hours: 08:00 - 16:00 CET

  Weekend schedule: Friday 16:00 - Monday 08:00 CET

  Evening schedule is 16:00 - 24:00 CET

  Night schedule is 24:00 - 08:00 CET


  +30 EUR additional File Fee / each item may apply to Third Party Payers requesting paper based records, regular mailing or any additional document (e.g. insurance policy / passport copies) 

  +30 EUR File Fee may apply to any Payer who is not covering the usual bank fees during a wire transfer or who make bank transfers without using our proper invoice number given. 

  +30 EUR fee may apply for cases where the clients do not speak English, German or Hungarian and translation services had to be arranged by us. Translator fees will also be added.

  +30 EUR if typed / electronic records or invoices need to be given in less than 5 working days. Additional evening, night, weekend, holiday, countryside and urgent service surcharges are also applied.

  +30 EUR for mobile credit card - POS Terminal - payments (no additional charge in our office)

  +30 EUR for administration and arrangements - telephone calls, email, fax -  with Third Party Party Payers (insurance/assistance companies) for obtaining an urgent Guarantee of Payment.

  +100 EUR surcharge may apply to each case when alcohol and / or drug testing (laboratory and/or physical exam) is requested as part of the medical care. The laboratory fees are not included in this surcharge, they are billed separately. 

  +100 EUR surcharge may apply to each case when the requesting party (insurance or assistance company) does not provide us with a credible guarantee of payment at the time when the services are ordered (high risk payers). A simple verification of benefits is insufficient.


Special discounted prices may be available from time to time and through our cooperating partners.

Please call and ask for details: +1 718 577-1032


Our Guidelines of Cooperation for Third Party Payers must be accepted for all service requests. We reserve the right to charge higher fees for non-compliant service requests, such as providing us inaccurate, partial, incomplete or false information.  


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