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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the best way to contact Health Guard Hungary?
A: It depends what type of service you need. If you have a general question writing an email may be the easiest. If you prefer talking to somebody, call (+36)-(1) 453-2311. 
For urgent medical care dial the on call number, (+36) - (1) - 786-6658 or the medical directors +36-30-345-3132 (adults), +36-30-312-8138 (children).

Q: I am confused about the phone dialing rules in Hungary. When should I use prefixes?
A: If you dial a landline from another landline phone in the same area, then you do not have to use any prefixes, just dial the number. If you are calling a number with a different are code, then you have to dial the prefix 06 followed by the area code. For example to dial our office number outside Budapest you need to dial 06-1-7866658. Similarly, to call any mobile phones from a landline inside Hungary you need to dial 06 followed by the 9-digit mobile number, e.g. 06-30-3453132. To call a Hungarian mobile phone from another Hungarian mobile phone you have several options: if they share the same service provider you do not have to dial a prefix, only the 7-digit phone number. For example, from a T-mobile phone it is sufficient to dial 3453132 to reach us. From a different Hungarian service provider you have to dial 06 followed by the mobile service providers area code (at most times, but not always 30 for T-mobile, 20 for Pannon and 70 for Vodaphone) and the 7-digit number. For example 06-30-3453132.
The most certain way to reach a mobile phone from anywhere to everywhere in the world is to dial + followed by the country code, the mobile area code and the number. For example to reach us you dial +36-30-3453132 from any mobile phone inside and outside Hungary.