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Health Guard Hungary®

"Second to None"
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Dr. Szele Krisztina

Sole Proprietor, Einzelunternehmen

Private Medical Practice


Business Name:

Dr. Szele Krisztina Egyéni Vállalkozó


 Permission was granted to use Health Guard Hungary® as a Registered Brand Name and its Logo:



 Brand Name and Logo are owned by Professional Medical Services and Assistance Ltd.

Registered by Magyar Szabadalmi Hivatal - 196226


  Registered Full Name:

Dr. Szele Krisztina Egyéni Vállalkozó 


Registration Authorities:

Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala, XI. Kerületi Hivatala, Okmányirodai Osztály


Registration Number in Hungary: 40410684European Union Tax Registration Number: HU 66889630

Tax ID Number in Hungary: 66889630-1-43


Business Address in Hungary:

Eszék utca 13-15, 1/1; Budapest, H-1114


Unique Provider Identification Number - ÁNTSZ, Hungary:



Operation License Numbers - ÁNTSZ, Hungary:

001034681,001034682, 001034684


  Professional Liability Insurance:

Allianz - 323046730


Bank’s name: Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.

Bank’s address: 1138 Budapest; Népfürdő u. 24-26.; Hungary

International Bank Account Number (IBAN):

HU77 1160 0006 3000 0006 1319 2832   for EUR (Euros)

HU32 1160 0006 5000 0006 2043 3535   for HUF (Hungarian Forints)

Beneficiary: Dr. Szele Krisztina EV, Kisadózó

PayPal Payment for Dr. Szele Krisztina (Sole Proprietor) in HUF



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